About us

Mest mediterranean stories marilena lucivero enrica farinelliMarilena and Enrica: here are the names behind the scenes of MEST. We are professionals in the field of Architecture and Interior Design, passionate about Design caring for people and their desires. We live in Puglia, a place of ancient traditions, enchanting landscapes and slow rhythms.We believe that our land enshrines a great beauty that we want to share. Mest comes from an idea: to bring new life and blood to the local craft workshops, by telling the artistic know-how and enhancing the beauty that is produced. Puglia is a place of centuries-old traditions, breathtaking landscapes and slow rhythms; a magical Land that preserves the great Beauty of the Mediterranean history and manufacturing arts, whose epiphany is housed in the hands of the wise masters. Mest is, indeed, the ancestral dialect word for the workshop master, who hands down the atavistic Apulian culture and the arts of his fathers with their own techniques. Through the Ancient Crafts and the creations of those who have never gone away from Puglia, we decided to introduce a new added Value, a new Aesthetics made of simple lines, sense of uniqueness and value of Quality

Mest brings the beauty of the Mediterranean stories in your everyday life.

Marilena Lucivero Founder Mest PortraitMarilena Lucivero, Founder - Business Development 
Architect, with experience in planning on various scales. She is fascinated by the link between the identity value of the landscape and all its forms of cultural and productive expression. With Mest she wishes to give global visibility to the Apulian lifestyle and to the objects that evoke it.

Enrica Farinelli Founder Mest PortraitEnrica Farinelli, Founder - Visual Communication  
Interior and graphic designer, she is deeply in love with design above all when it can arouse intense emotions. Passionate about creativity and slow living, with Mest she wants to celebrate the beauty of the Apulian lifestyle in the world.

Michele Guarino Founder Mest PortraitMichele Guarino, Sales & Marketing 
Architect, he boasts collaborations with major international luxury interior design firms. Apulian by adoption, he is fond of craft techniques as a perfect synthesis of material, technique and aesthetics. Through Mest, he wants to tell the story of the hands and faces hidden behind each handcrafted piece.