Pietra di Lecce collection includes centrepieces, candleholders and incense burners made of Lecce stone. Delicate objects, with a silky texture, extracted from blocks of Lecce stone by the skilled hands of workshop master Massimiliano De Giovanni. His workshop is called “MI - La pietra prende forma” (the stone takes shape) and is built into the stone walls surrounding the historic centre of Lecce.

Here the stone is hand-carved, polished and finished with an extraordinary technique, which gives plasticity to a hard but malleable natural element. Lecce stone has been used for centuries to build and decorate the baroque palaces and churches of the wonderful towns of Salento. It is mined in huge open cast quarries located in the heart of the most southern part of Puglia.

Pietra di Lecce collection brings the traditional charm of our land into your home through essential objects with minimal lines, heirs of the history and technique of Lecce Baroque.