Intrecci collection is unique. It represents an ancestral and intimate link between the territory, the people and the traditional economic activities of Puglia.
Intrecci collection includes baskets and decorative elements created by the skilful process of weaving of rush, olive, cane and myrtle branches. These are plants able of withstanding the sun, the wind and the salt of the Mediterranean coasts.
In Acquarica del Capo, in the heart of Salento, the hands of skilled artisans have always weaved these branches, a wonderful gift by nature, turning them into products used ad home and at work in the fields.
Intrecci collection is made for Mest by Siciliano Italian Handmade, a company that is a family: Siciliano family is the last that with passion and vision continues to weave the wonders of Acquarica del Capo.
From the collection of the raw material to its processing, Siciliano follows the whole chain of a zero-km product, combining the traditional technique with a modern taste. Mest has selected for you products with a contemporary style, perfect for bright and charming interiors.