Gocce di Blu tableware set includes dishes, bowls and ceramic cups. Gocce di Blu collection combines the two prevailing colours of the Apulian landscape: the white of the historic towns and the blue of the sky and the sea. The minimalist decoration with splashes of colour is a classic of Apulian ceramics and made in Italy.

Mest has selected a new shade of blue, painted in drop-like splashes, to make you dream of the scent of our sea and the light of our sky. Gocce di Blu tableware is made for Mest in Grottaglie by Fasanoceramiche; thanks to the skilled hands of its workshop master Franco Fasano, helped by his family and passionate craftsmen, the famous company produces quality ceramics that are conquering the whole world.

The handcrafted works of Fasanoceramiche embody the tradition of thirteen generations of masters who have shaped Grottaglie clayey soil and transformed it into art. Gocce di Blu tableware brings the sky of Puglia on your table.