With Colori of Puglia collection, Mest brings to your home the colours and lights of Puglia: the blue of the sky, the yellow of the wheat, the pink of the almond blossoms, the beige of the sand, and the green of the olive trees.

Colori di Puglia collection includes the ever-present luminarie lights, which bring into your home the atmosphere of picturesque folk festivals and historical commemorations of ancient traditions and events. Our luminarie are made by De Cagna Luminarie, a company from Salento that has been producing bright decorations for the most important folk festivals of Puglia from three generations and now is exporting this wonderful art all over the world.

In Colori di Puglia collection, you will find the decorative ceramics of Grottaglie from the workshops of Cinzia Fasano and Fasanoceramiche, the special products made by GiùinLab and the beautiful textile products for your table, hand-decorated by the skilled hands of Emanuela Rovito.